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Yenni-K is a Finnish born makeup artist currently living and working in London. She began her artistic career as a teenager in Finland, studying and practicing photography alongside her business studies.

After experiencing corporate business environments working for blue chip companies in Dublin, Newcastle upon Tyne and London, she decided office life was not her preferred career path and turned to her creative side for inspiration. Yenni was living in London at the time, and signed up for a foundation makeup course at the London School of Beauty and Makeup, graduating with an IMA certificate in makeup application. Combining her fondness of beauty, her passion for makeup, and her affection of art, she loved every second of it and soon discovered her new career as a makeup artist.

After moving to New York City in 2010, Yenni worked at Sephora as a Makeup Artist, where she developed her skills enhancing the natural beauty of many clients and earned a reputation as an adept, skillful artist. Always keen to further her ambitions and master her skills, Yenni followed her passion by successfully pursuing the Fashion Makeup Artistry Program offered by Makeup Designory (MUD) in New York City. This program refined her skills and taught her more aspects of makeup and hair styling in all facets of the industry.

Yenni has worked with several New York City based and international photographers as well as modeling agencies and is known for her precise work and her signature ‘no-makeup’ makeup look. Yenni loves engaging her clients and makes them feel comfortable in her makeup chair. She is always fascinated how makeup transforms and enhances her clients’ natural beauty, and is always seeking new avenues to explore.

Yenni is available for projects including photoshoots, TV and film, as well as events, weddings and special occasions.

07447 648 563